Bellevue Family Law - Sound Advice & Vigilant Representation

Divorce and Child Custody: These are powerful words with powerful consequences. Established on the eastside of Lake Washington since 1973, my firm provides clients with vigilant and professional representation. As an experienced family law attorney, I will provide you with sound advice and guidance to resolve your family law issues.  

At the outset of my representation on your behalf, we will work together to analyze your issues, possible solutions, and the chance of success of each course of action available. We will then work as partners to devise the best strategy to achieve your goals. Success in family law proceedings demands extensive collaboration between attorney and client, and thus you will be promptly informed of developments in your proceedings, including correspondence and pleadings exchanged with opposing counsel and the Court.

Family Lawyer

I generally seek to resolve matters with opposing parties in an amicable fashion. However, if doing so does not meet your goals and best interests, or if an opposing party’s actions make reasonable settlement unachievable, I am always prepared to aggressively litigate in Court.

No matter how complex your issues, or how high emotions may be running, my office will provide you with sound advice and vigilant representation in your family law matter.